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What Does a Landlord Credit Check Show?If you’re worried about what a potential landlord is going to see when they check your credit, you’ve come to the right place.

The Truth About Alternative Credit ScoresIf your traditional credit score is too poor – or too thin – to qualify you for a loan, credit card, or lease, an alternative credit score could get the job done.

Taking out a small personal loan can be a good strategy for repairing bad credit or bulking up thin credit. What’s not so clear is how bad credit or thin credit will allow you to do that.

After building good consumer credit for yourself, if you own a company, the next step is building good credit for your business. Find out how consumer credit plays a role in that, what business credit reports and scores look like, how to check them, and good credit-building practices.

As helpful as credit counseling services can be during the credit repair process, make sure you know what to expect. What will you get? What will it cost? How will it affect your credit? And how will you find a reputable agency? Get the facts about how credit counseling services work and how to choose a good one.

What if applying for a new credit card were as simple as texting “CREDIT” to a credit card issuer? It’s practically that easy with Experian’s Text for Credit™ technology.

How Credit Repair Fees Work: Cost, Payment Structures, and the LawIf you are thinking about hiring a credit repair company, make sure you know how credit repair fees work.

What You Can Learn from CFPB Actions Against Shady Credit Repair CompaniesIf you decide to hire a credit repair company, you shouldn’t have to worry about them breaking the law.

How to Qualify for Public Service Loan ForgivenessWhen you work in public service, covering the cost of student CPN loans isn’t easy.

You May Not Even Realize You Agreed to Mandatory Arbitration: What Every Consumer Needs to KnowLet’s say you order a credit report from Equifax.