Below are the best resources available for information on some of the hottest topics at CPN Programs.

CPN Manual
Complete manual on all things related to CPN/SCNs, their use and legality.

Credit Secrets Bible
Over 160 pages of credit secrets most of the public are completely unaware of and need desperately to get back on the path to financial freedom.

CPN Building Credit Instructions Starting With Capital One and More
Information on using Capital One for CPN credit building and so much more.

UCC Filings Manual
Complete manual on UCC-1 Filings procedures and processes including screenshots.

Comenity Shopping Cart Trick
A way to apply for credit cards without hard inquiries.

Credit Bureau Lenders
List of lenders and which credit bureaus they pull from. This information will maximize your approvals when applying for credit.

Department Store and Credit Card List for CPNs
List of credit cards and department store cards that are best used when building your CPN.

Shelf Corp Secrets
“Shelf Corp Secrets” is meant to take you to the next level in business credit building. It is a straight forward guide that will give you all the tools you need to acquire business lines of credit in a very short space of time.

Do it Yourself Credit Repair
Take the first step towards changing your credit, your life and most importantly your future. Not only will you save money by doing it yourself but you will learn how to keep good credit for the rest of your life.

Everything you need to repair your own credit at all three credit bureaus, including a step by step process and premade mailing templates.

Building Corporate Credit
Business credit done right one stop shop for all your business needs.

Six Figure Business Credit
How to build perfect business credit and get business loans in any economy.

Credit Repair Secrets
Discover The Most Effective Credit Repair Methods "EVER" Written In One Book! Released Uncut... Learn the Real Secrets used by Secrets Societies; Why no matter what happens, they remain in power; and always allowedFREE Access to Capital, Loans, and Finance.

Complete Credit Card Lender List
Tools and information to make choosing and applying for a credit card as simple and as easy as possible.

The Section 609 Credit Dispute Package
A complete step-by-step guide on the best way of writing letters and where to send them for deleting items off of your credit report.

Victim of ID Theft Deletion Kit
If you have ever been a victim of identity theft, there is a guaranteed way to have disputed accounts blocked or deleted from your credit report.

CPN Programs Utilities:
Links to useful CPN tools
Use as a second validater
SSN and Drivers License Number creator
Decoding Social Security Numbers
Structure of Social Security Numbers includes unassigned

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