How do we aquire funding for you or your business?

1. We obtain a New CPN
We will use a new CPN number that we will obtain from our provider, instead of your social security number. This will insure that the credit file under your new CPN will be clean and without any negatives whatsoever. The Credit Privacy Number or CPN, is a nine digit identification number that can be used to report financial information to credit bureaus. This number is normally used instead of your Social Security number for many types of credit transactions. Your CPN cannot, however, be used for any governmental purposes, such as employer documents submitted to the IRS, registering a car, applying for government sponsored home loans, and so on. Also known as a Credit Profile Number, the CPN has its main advantage when it comes to tracking credit transactions and evaluating credit history. We will be using your new CPN to apply for credit cards and obtaining financing.

2. We add Trade Lines to your New CPN
We supply the trade lines to enhance your new CPN file. Normally you would have to pay thousands of dollars for these trade lines, but you pay us nothing upfront. With these trades lines, we are able to increase your CPN to an 800 score, making it possible to get the funding you require. We use one of three different 6 trade line packages to make sure funding is secure. Since we know what the lenders will accept, it makes the approval process rather easy.

3. We add an Enhanced Corporation
We supply you with a corporation that will personally guarantee the line of credit. The corporation we provide you has just enough business credit history to satisfy our lender’s requirements. These corporations are from 3 to 8 years old, with a recognized business credit file with Experian, Trans Union, Equifax, Hoovers, Dun and Bradstreet as well as Nexus-Lexis. This is crucial as it makes business verification and approval so much faster and easier.

Turn Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000.00) Into One Million
Dollars (1,000,000.00) In 18 Months or Less

"Easy Steps To Becoming a Millionaire"

CPN/SSN Credit Repair, Business Credit & Funding to our JV. SBLC

Monetization Program:

This is an invitation only opportunity to be part of a program where we take you through a process to Becoming a Millionaire in 10 Months or less.

This is done by Obtaining and completing the following Steps:
CPN/SSN, Credit Repair, Business Credit Building and a Joint Venture SBLC Monetization Program.

Each step is explained below.

There is a one time initial investment of $3,000.00.

This process will take 18 months or less to complete.

Here's how it works...

Step 1- CPN/SSN

Files must have one 5K Installment and one 10K Revolving Primary Tradeline or better with instructions for building a strong profile and public record (Takes about 45 days or less to complete).

Once completed, apply for $2,500 in credit card funding (No Back-in/Success fees).

The $2,500 is needed to start the second step.

Step 2- Credit Repair

This is not your average credit repair attempt. Our credit repair services doesn't just work in the United States alone but has been proven to work in FIVE different countries. This is just a step we added to this program so you can see and feel the benefits of legitimately investing in yourself. Once you see the results of our credit repair approach this will catapult your excitement of being part of this exclusive opportunity.

* Credit Repair Key Points:
* Results usually within the first 30-45 days – may vary depending on the file

* 120 days or less to complete

* Years of experience actually helping people to eliminate (not just remove) debt

Step 2 – Business Credit & Funding

The second step of the program actually gets started by building business credit to secure funding. You can use a business already in existence or a newly registered business. This process will take 120 days or less to secure funding.

We are able to receive business funding of $50k minimum to $150k maximum with a 15% success fee. If the minimum is not met, we will take additional steps in order to reach the minimum. Since we are direct to the lenders, not reaching the minimum is highly unlikely, however, unforeseen occurrences do take place from time to time. Upon completion and successfully securing funding for your business, you agree to move to the 3rd and final step.

* Business Funding Key Points:

* Business Credit Building – New or Existing

* Business Credit/Funding - $50K min to $150k max

* 120 days or less to complete

* Once funds are received you must be willing to invest in the 3rd and final step

Step 3 – Joint Venture SBLC Non-Recourse Monetization Funding

The final step to this process is a JV. SBLC program. We will use the funding we were able to secure from step 2 and use those funds to enter the JV. SBLC Monetization Program. Since the overall objective of this process is to get up to $1.2 million in non-recourse funding, the majority of the business funding will be used to enter the JV. SBLC Program (see below). Again, you will only use the funds we were able to secure successfully from funding your business. Which means, the only out of pocket money you will ever pay throughout this process is the initial $3,000.00 investment.

To execute and complete the JV. SBLC Monetization Program. This can take up to 120 days.

Why? A percentage of the total amount of the SBLC must be paid in advance before the provider (or bank) will issue the SBLC. During this period, we will raise capital from other investors to add to your investment to have the SBLC issued.

* JV. SBLC Program Key Points:

* Investment from business funding required

* Up to 1.2M non-recourse funding received

* 120 days or less to complete

* Here is an example of how the entire 18 month process will work

* $3,000.00 initial investment – via personal/Cashiers check, Cash Deposit or Wire transfer in to our Corporate account

* CPN/SSN building and or Credit repair started immediately after your payment clears (90 days or less to complete)

* CPN/SSN with Primary Tradelines (90 Days Or Less to Complete)

* Business building and securing funding immediately after your payment clears (120 days or less to complete)

* Let's say we were able to secure - $100,000

* - $15,000 (15%) success fee

* - $72,250.00 will be used as your investment into the JV SBLC Monetization Program

* You'll keep $12,750 to cover the business loan monthly payment until the Program is complete

* $72k JV investment returns $1,350,000.00 (1.35M) non-recourse funding

* $1,350,000.00 - (10%) success fee = $135,000.00

* You profit $1,215,000.00 (1.215M)

For questions or to join this program, Please call 888-701-6276 (First Come First Serve)

Only 10 spots available so serious inquiries only please!

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